Brand Development: Where it Began

Take a look back on your childhood. What did you most enjoy doing? For me it was coming up with an idea and then creating an identity or design to match the name.

It started when I was 13 years old and loved to rock Joe Boxer boxer briefs. My dad said to me, ‘Hey Lex, let’s start a boxer brief company and call it ‘Fart Box’. (Yea, he was dead serious). I looked at him and said, “Nobody’s going to buy boxers with the word ‘fart’ in it, Dad. Let’s call it BoomBoxerZ.” It was my idea for a line of music-inspired boxer briefs. I spent years daydreaming and doodling the logo and coming up with designs for the boxers. My dad helped me apply for a Trademark for the name and design.

This is one of the original doodles for BoomBoxerZ that I created one summer while working at one of my family’s food truck businesses. I remember hiding it under my mattress so that ‘nobody could steal my idea’.

I have been dubbed the Fairy BRANDmother and call myself an Experience Engineer and Startup Whisperer.

I am an expert in brand development & strategy, startup launch, and creating & improving user experiences.   I have developed brands and led re-brands for over 10 different companies throughout my 20’s, two of which are my own businesses. These projects include:

  • Leading the rebrand and grand re-opening of a 2,000 person event venue in Philadelphia.
  • Launching an entertainment brand that hosted events with the world’s most prominent DJ talent and partnered with companies like LiveNation.
  • Building a permit expediting and zoning brand that went from 0-to-6-figures and attracted inbound leads such as H&M and Columbia Sportswear within the first year of launch.

I would love to help you launch your company with a powerful branding strategy, clearly communicate your unique story, or re-brand and re-launch fresh with new momentum.


Not currently accepting new projects