I was in tears as I came to this realization and wrote this message this morning. I wrote this message for me as much as for anyone else whom may need to hear it.

We fight and stand for our brothers and sisters of color, not because their lives matter more, not because all lives don’t matter; but because to REACH equality, the scales need to tip in the other direction to amplify what has been buried and oppressed…screaming to be seen, heard, validated and integrated.

Just like this mission takes a stand for women and their sacred feminine bodies and magic: We speak of the feminine energy more than masculine at this time NOT to bash the masculine (the masculine is EQUALLY as important and vital to our healthy world) but because for too long, the feminine has been squashed.

So, for the feminine to rise, we need to ELEVATE the feminine and witness her in her raging glory, just like we are now ELEVATING our black friends in a massively powerful way.

This isn’t a matter of one being better or worse, and this isn’t a matter of defending ourselves; it’s the matter of magnifying what needs attention right now so that over the long-run homeostasis, balance, equality, and equilibrium can be reached.

Sometimes the scales need to become “imbalanced” for them to eventually balance.

But if you always keep one side of the scale tipped, there will always be another side that is oppressed. Eventually, the oppressed SPRINGS from the depths, they rise HIGHER to be SEEN, appreciated, viewed, respected, and regarded as just as important as the other side of the scale.

Eventually, there is integration. But that is not a place we have reached just yet. For equality to be real, for integration to be whole and complete, we HAVE to listen when others say that inequality IS real.

Just as with the divine feminine and masculine energies: The divine, healthy feminine has been buried by society for some time now. And she is BURSTING to the surface so she may be seen and eventually restored in true embodiment and integration with the masculine. Equals. Equally necessary, important, and valid. Not equal in the success and money sense, but equal in our regard and respect for one another’s natural purpose that allows all of us to thrive.

It can appear as separation when we talk about this. Because our language is so limited, it can look like when we talk about black people, we are excluding white people, and creating more separation. But this isn’t always the truth. On a large scale, this is false. It’s easy to look at things in a binary fashion. The truth is we are all one, so when we talk about black people we are talking about ourselves; the whole of humanity; all colors.

When I speak of the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies in the world, I am not exactly talking about men and women; which if we talk about it that way, can seem very segregated.. Because, men have the same feminine energies within them as women do. But, we can generally say that men naturally embody more masculine qualities, so sometimes they need to listen to women when women speak out about oppression and unhealthy masculine constructs they have needed to adapt to, often at their peril, to make it in the world.

When society expresses itself during these upheavals, our limited language can cause people to get defensive about how all of this is seemingly creating more inequality. This is because society generally doesn’t have an expanded awareness that can see beyond the words they are hearing to the truth of the message behind the words.

Even with this seemingly limited language, equality is the goal, but it cannot happen right away. To say to someone that feels inequality that it’s not real is to bypass their reality. Just because you may not see inequality does not mean that someone else does not feel it. And the reason the topic is still on the table is that there are people out there who still FEEL it. And as long as we still feel something, it makes it very REAL.

It’s just like with trauma. When someone is abused, they are oppressed, tortured, and squashed. Eventually, that suppression of abuse manifests as an explosion of anger, frustration, and outrage. We see this in children who are abused eventually lashing out or self-imploding. I was the self-implode. When the abused begins their healing journey, it can take a long time to release the lingering effects of the trauma But oftentimes it takes longer because the very environment that perpetuated the abuse still exists, usually because the abuser doesn’t have the expanded awareness to see it within themselves.

We see this with feminine energy in women. Women lashing out against men; feeling squashed by them. Men tell women to “man up” if they want equality. That’s not true equality. True and real equality is allowing what’s NATURAL to exist, to be seen as truth and to be allowed to exist totally and completely without abuse; whether subtle or conscious. It’s not being exactly like one another, but seeing and acknowledging the other for their truth and nature and not demeaning, squashing, oppressing, or forcing it to be different than exactly what it is.

Let me give another example from my life that many people may be able to relate to: Money. When it comes to manifesting and creating our reality, many people know that your thoughts create your reality. Because: thoughts –> actions –> reality. When it came to money in my life, I feel and felt uncomfortable at times verbalizing the truth. Such as: I desire $100,000, but I have $3,000.  I felt uncomfortable verbalizing the truth because I was scared if I verbalized it, it would prevent me from getting what I desired. But to get to what you want and desire, you do have to admit and verbalize the truth. From stating the raw and real truth, you can then set intentions for what you want. But you can’t bypass truth and jump to what you want by hiding what’s real. That is why ‘the truth will set you free’. Truth clears the air. When you bypass or fail to acknowledge truth, it creates a shadow. Sometimes all that needs to happen to get the desired outcome is to acknowledge the full truth of the situation. Put it all on the table.

While we’re at it, let’s relate this to feelings and emotions. Feelings and emotions are, at a large scale within society, things we do not know much about; other than they make us frustrated and uncomfortable. Because of this, we try to bypass avoid, and stuff feelings and emotions down. But they manifest out into our individual and collective world in physical health issues, relationship turbulence, depression and mental health challenges, violence, chaos, and all those hard things. But, there is proof that when we express our true feelings and true emotions, in full, without holding back but also without lashing out, they can be cleared. Once truth is expressed, we can move forward. But only then.

Just like with generational trauma…there is one black sheep in the family who steps fully out of the shadows and goes through the tremendously arduous, painful, and heart-wrenching path of clearing all shadows of their bloodline that have existed for centuries. To bring all the pain, darkness, abuse, and shadows into the light to be seen, healed, and integrated. It is a long and painful process.

To bring this full circle, we amplify black voices and people now so that we BLAST THE OPPRESSION WIDE THE FUCK OPEN…FOR GOOD THIS TIME. We as a collective are still seeing these protests and fights occur because the unseen or seen inequality is still very real. They are exposing truth. We as a society want to bypass the discomfort of the truth. Sometimes we even think it’s not truth. But it’s truth.

Racism is one of the generational abuses of our nation, just like ancestral trauma is the general abuse of a familial bloodline. And the effects of the abuse within the family unit are FELT until they are COMPLETELY AND FULLY CLEARED.

That’s why we are still having this conversation. Because the healing has only just begun, but this time it’s not being swept under the rug… it’s roaring to the surface to be truly and completely wiped the fuck out this time.

I admit I was one of the people for a bit who didn’t whole-heartedly agree with or accept the extremes right now. I can see all sides; I can see why people say all lives matter. I can see why black lives also matter. I can see why people may think talking about black people excludes white people and diminishes them. I have also never called myself a feminist. I have conformed to the primarily masculine ways of the world to succeed. But I got to a point where I could feel the effects of this. My sickness, my burnout, my being labeled with different diagnoses because my sensitivities have no place in a masculine world. I don’t call myself a feminist, but I now stand for the rise of the feminine, because I see how it benefits EVERYONE when it is fully healed and integrated. I now see why talking about black doesn’t exclude white..it’s actually getting us to place where we never have to speak of black and white again. But to get there, we actually have to talk about black. We have to say it. We have to speak of it without our ego being ruffled in any way until we are fully are un-triggered by this and truly are in Honor of the color.

To heal something it has to be discussed. This is why in therapy, we can talk about our abuse for years before we finally heal and integrate it. Sometimes talking about it is the only way through to the other side, and kidding ourselves that we are over and past it is just one big cosmic joke. When we fully and completely put it all out into the open is when there is a chance for true, real, and complete healing. Hiding ANYTHING will perpetuate the problem that’s why we have to get it all out… every last scrap of the dark, shadowy shit. Because if we don’t, the hidden darkness will leak out eventually. Which is why we still talk about racial inequality, because there are still pockets of this darkness lingering within us and society.

Just like with the majority of my generation, we are no longer sweeping familial abuse and trauma under the rug. We are stepping the fuck out of the shadow realms and fully into the light to HEAL so that our children and future generations can come into homeostasis, integration, and embodiment of health and love.

Just know that if the conversations are on the table: racism, family trauma, feminism; it means that there has not yet been full integration of the darkness and challenge at hand. It means that even when our ego wants to tell us it doesn’t exist, we need to drop our pride and listen… Just accept that this is a truth, as hard as it is to hear it. Otherwise, we perpetuate the problems that we will ALL COLLECTIVELY BENEFIT from healing.

Feelings are indeed facts. They are facts for the person feeling them. They may not be facts for you. I never want to hear the term “feelings aren’t facts” ever again. All that cliche has ever done for me was allow me to perpetuate my own pain and suppression. Let’s hear -out others for their true feelings; because their feelings are real.

We amplify black people. We amplify women. We amplify the feminine. We amplify that abuse exists. We do this so we can see and witness it ALL without squashing it. When humanity gets it a place where we can all see these things and not need to squash their existence, no matter how it is being presented or brought to the forefront, that’s when we move beyond extremes. That’s when we reach real and everlasting integration of the two sides of the scale. That’s how we reach unity.