I have been oil pulling with coconut oil for about 7 years now. Every single morning, the very first thing I do is head into my bathroom, scrape my tongue, and then throw a tablespoon or so of Coconut Oil in my mouth and swoosh it around for about 15-2o minutes.

The most common question I get it:

How Do You Do it For SOOO Long?

Once you put the coconut oil in your mouth, proceed to carry out your morning routine as usual. Make your bed, take a shower, get dressed, etc.

If you’re anything like me, by the time you are done with your shower it should be time to spit out the coconut oil (where are my 20-minute shower-ers at?)

Like anything else, it just takes getting used to. And once it becomes a habit, you will question how you ever survived without it!  To me, I am so used to it I have even been able to lay down and fall back asleep while oil pulling. It has literally become a part of me.

The Benefits of Oil Pulling

After I started Oil Pulling, I experienced incredible benefits, including:

  • Reducing acne and pretty much clearing up my skin
  • No more headaches. I used to get headaches CONSTANTLY. Once I started oil pulling, they drastically reduced and eventually went away. I don’t ever suffer from headaches anymore.
  • No more cavities: I have very weak teeth that are susceptible to cavities even though I really don’t consume that much ‘junk food’.  Every visit to the doctor I would always have cavities. Since I started oil pulling, I have only needed one cavity filled, and my doctor has told me that the progression of potential cavities is extremely slow and possibly even stopped due to my ‘oral hygiene’ (which I equate to oil pulling).
  • Whiter teeth and much better smelling breath

Like anything else, every person will be affected differently. The above represents how I was personally benefitted from oil pulling. You may benefits in the same ways, different ways, or some combination of both.

Please do your own Google search and search ‘the benefits of oil pulling’ or just ‘oil pulling’ and it will show you the benefits and how it may help you.

Why Oil Pulling Works

We have a lot of bacteria and germs in our mouths, and I mean a lot. They are breeding grounds for nastiness.  When we go to sleep at night, that bacterial multiplies ten-fold.

When we wake up, where do you think that bacteria go? Into our digestive system and recycled back through our bodies.

But I brush my teeth!

Brushing your teeth in the morning only gets rid of a small percentage of the bacteria and germs in your mouth. You using a germ-ridden toothbrush to essentially rub some more germs around your mouth. All  it really does it remove some build-up from your teeth,

When you oil-pull, the oil combined with the swooshing around your mouth acts as a literal dishwasher for your mouth. It sucks bacteria out from between your teeth, off your tongue, and out from within every crevice.

Then, when you spit that oil out, you’re spitting out all of those germs and bacteria that multiply in your mouth overnight.

When you wake up, most of the germs and bacteria are being recycled back into your system throughout the day (even if you brush your teeth). That bacteria manifests itself in your body and creates a breeding ground for any number of health challenges such as acne, easily-bruising, headaches, jaw pain, swollen gums, and much more.

Oil Pulling will affect each person in a different way, but I do not doubt that there are intrinsic benefits to every human if they were to start oil pulling on a daily basis.

Without oil pulling, I feel crappy, incomplete, and even dirty in the morning if I don’t do it! I only miss oil pulling maybe 2-3 days out of the year.

Have any questions about oil pulling? Feel free to reach out! Or if you try it, let me know how it goes!