Just the other day I was out to eat with my Yoga teacher and some students from one of her Yoga classes.

I got to talking to the girl next to me. Her name is Liz.

Of course, I asked Liz what she was all about. What was Liz doing with her life?

Liz told me that on the side, she has a nice little soap business.

She told me the name, she told me that she makes the soap in her house, she told me that it takes about 12 hours per batch to make. She told me that she had a designer on Etsy make her logo. She told me how it is a hobby and that she plans on making it into a business. She told me LOTS of things.

But she left out the one MAJOR, overarching, most important component to her soap:

Her story behind WHY she makes soap!

Finally, when I asked her why she makes soap; like, what is the purpose of it all… that’s when things got interesting!

Liz told me about how she suffers from diabetes and because of it, could no longer eat the sweet treats that her mouth watered for. Since she could no longer consume those treats, Liz decided she would make soap that looked like all types of her favorite desserts; cupcakes, crumpets, pastries. You name it, Liz has some soap that resembles it and reminds her of treats that she loves, but can no longer sink her teeth into.

Guess what we gave birth to over Eggs Benedict and coffee from 3rd Street cafe in NorLibs Philly?

The beginning of Liz’s brand.

What’s a brand?

A brand is a story. A brand is the WHY…the driving factor behind why you are even doing what you are doing. A brand is the way you communicate this story in a way that engages and attracts ideal clientele, creates sustainable retention, and sets you apart from others who are selling what you are selling. It’s how you connect with people who can relate to you, and really create something of meaning!

Liz seriously had an epiphany at that brunch table.

I saved Liz lots of time and wheel-spinning when it comes time to take her hobby to the next level. She would have just been selling soap that looks like pastry…which yes, in and of itself is amazing…but she would have been leaving out the WHY that would have allowed her to connect with SO many more people!

I helped her realize that she is not in the soap business; she’s in the business of filling a void for people who also suffer with the same limit in life that she suffers with. She will be able to grow her operation in a much more fulfilling and sustainable manner if she always remembers to tell the story first, and sell the soap as a byproduct of that story.

Stop selling your product. Stop promoting your service.


That’s how you begin building a brand.  That’s how you connect with and create meaning for your ideal clientele. That’s how you keep your operation fun, fresh, and purposeful.

You got into your business for a REASON. That reason is your story. The story is your brand. And trust me, there are people out there who will connect with your story, no matter what it may be!


♡ Always, Your Fairy BRANDmother