What do they say about a first impression?

You only get one chance to make it.

AND it only takes a few seconds.

In the ridiculously competitive world we live in, you better be sure your first impression leaves an impact!

It’s also vital that the impression leaves a “premium” impact on whomever is drawing conclusions about you, so that you are positioning yourself to charge a premium price (if that is in-line with your goals and desires).

To quote the late and great David Ogilvy straight out of his book Ogilvy on Advertising, “When you choose a brand of whiskey, you are choosing an image. Jack Daniel’s advertisements project an image of homespun honesty and thereby persuade you that Jack Daniel’s is worth its premium price.”

The ability to charge a premium consistently and to become the go-to choice is embedded in the perception of how people see you combined with the quality you deliver.

Premium identity = premium prices. Scattered, mediocre identity = scattered, mediocre pricing ability.

To draw the comparison, let’s look at a scenario we can most likely all relate to…dating:

Imagine you are going on two separate blind dates:

Date #1 shows up in a car with a fresh wash, hair done well, dressed in a flattering outfit, looking spiffy and overall well put together. Not only does he/she look well-put together, you get a great vibe from them as well.

Date #2 shows up in a car with bird crap all over it, mismatched outfit, hair slightly an unflattering mess, overall looking disconnected, random, and not-so-well put together. Not only do they look ehhh, you get a very “eh” vibe from them as well.

Which date is going to win you over on your first impression?

Notice I did not say: ‘Which date is going to win you over after you get to speak with them and really get to know their personality?’

I’m going to go with date #1.

Now, imagine this:

You are a business owner and you have prospective clients that are doing some research between choosing to work with you (option #1) or your competitor down the road:

Option #1 (you) has consistent colors, symbolism, and logos across all communication platforms. Your messaging is clear and tailored to the pain points and needs of your prospective clients. Your website is well-organized, simple, and has clear call-to-actions that match the call-to-actions across all other platforms.  Everything is cohesive, attractive, and professional. You have a premium identity and give off a great initial vibe!

Option #2 has a low-end logo and an unoptimized website. Their “messaging” talks about what they do, not how they can help their potential clients. They try to lure people in with discounts. There is clear inconsistency in the identity on the communication platforms and overall they look random and mismatched. It’s hard to understand what they do and why they do it. They have a half-assed identity and don’t give off the best vibe.

Who is your prospective client going to choose based on that first impression?

I’m going to go with you, Option #1!

In the world we live in where people are drawing conclusions about you before they know you, you literally make or break that impression in a few short seconds.

You may be amazing at what you do. You may be a great person that has great intentions and a great service. But your prospective clients who are judging you based on first impressions are drawing conclusions about you before they even know who you are based on the tangible and intangible assets that you communicate across all of your online real estate. And they don’t exactly care about who you are..just what you can do to make their lives better!

Tangible assets= Elements you can see, touch, etc.

Intangible assets = Elements that cannot be touched such as the story, the  messaging, the overall VIBE, etc.

I call the intangibles the SOUL of your brand and I call the tangibles the FACE of your brand.

Same with that blind date. Blind date #2 may be a much more genuine, funny, and better fit for you as a mate…but judging by that first impression, most people are going to gravitate towards the date that presents themselves in a positive light and who gives off a great vibe.

Ask yourself: Is your small business blind date #1 or date #2?

How many first impressions are you hurting and potential clients are you losing by not having a clear, cohesive, attractive brand identity in place?

We are HIGHLY judgmental beings. It’s only natural. Judgments are made based on conscious and subconscious frameworks, and you need a brand that speaks to these frameworks in a way that resonates with your ideal customers and lures them into you.

How much money are you really leaving on the table in the long-run by not investing in a premium brand identity? Seriously think about it!

The money you throw into random marketing efforts coupled with the money you are losing by consistently trying to compete on price can be used to invest in a brand strategy that will set you apart and build long-term sustainability and value for years to come.

Maybe you are already doing a million-a-year and you don’t think it’s necessary to invest in branding.

What if that million-a-year could really be two million (or more)-a-year if you just took the action to invest in your branding?

You will always lose business to a competitor that can make a stronger first impression, and a premium impression, at that. That first impression is born in your brand identity.

Does your brand identity shout QUAAAALITY from the rooftops?


♡ Always, Your Fairy BRANDmother