This is part two of a three-part series. My first post covers Lisbon, this covers Santorini and Mykonos and the final covers Athens, Greece.

On my 16 day trip abroad to Lisbon, Portugal, Athens, Greece and the Greek Islands of Mykonos, Ios, and Santorini, I think I spent half of my time sightseeing and the other half searching for ‘vegan options’ on Yelp or Google.  Sometimes my digging brought some treasures to the surface and sometimes not so much. I did find that I had to compromise my diet a decent amount of the time over there (mostly on the islands).

I believe in any city you have the chance to dig up some vegan gold. However as I said, the islands really posed the majority of the challenge. Of course there are classic Greek and Mediterranean dishes that are naturally vegan if they are prepared as such; such as stuffed tomatoes, eggplant, or peppers or grape leaves. If you’re anything like me and LOVE grape leaves, you’re seriously appeased when you come across a place that makes their grape leaves (aka vine leaves) without meat or other animal products. (Side note: Grape leaves are actually called Vine Leaves in Greece. They looked at me sideways when I tried to order ‘grape leaves’. Tell me: Where does that cross-cultural cuisine breakdown happen? It was also really funny when my hiking & yoga experience guide referred to the granola bars she bought us as ‘flapjacks’. lol.)

Banter aside, I came across some amaaaazing healthy, vegan + GF options over there. I searched far and wide and sought out some recommendations for these places, so I assure you they are absolutely worth the visit! (Luckily our hiking & yoga guide in Athens was vegan so we hit the jackpot there!)


Vegan Friendly Options in Santorini, Greece


Tranquilo in Perissa

Tranquilo was a vibey beachfront restaurant with an abundance of healthy vegan options. It was not easy finding vegan friendly places in Santorini, so I was pumped when we scoped this spot out.

We enjoyed the Pasta with Colors (vegan pasta salad), Giant Beans with tomato sauce, dill, onion, carrot (I found giant beans a lot over in Greece and absolutely love them), a healthy fruit smoothie, and the manz got vegetarian eggplant rolls.


Falafeland in Fira

Eating out for 16 days straight can get a bit pricey… and old. We took six planes and four ferries during our 16 day trip, so grocery shopping and cooking was out (plus most of our Airbnb’s were not equipped with cooking equipment). Running up on a spot like Falafeland was perfeccccct when we were over going out to sit-down restaurants.

Falafeland is a cozy walkup spot in the poppin’ area of Fira in Santorini. It offers vegan and vegetarian Falafels. It is inexpensive and perfect for a quick bite or to chill with your falafel and a beer or wine.  I had the Special Falafel with falafel, tomato, onions, sweet and sour sauce and fried aubergine (eggplant).


Bowl in Ornos, Mykonos

Bowl was a dream. There are very little healthy options in Mykonos, so it was like two kids walking into Disneyland when we arrived here after a long walk from the center of town in Mykonos.  Dave enjoyed the Green Brekkie Bowl and I had the Vegan Brekkie Bowl.

Visit Bowl’s website.



Enjoy your conscious dining in Santorini and Mykonos and be sure to leave a comment and let me know any of your discoveries!