Trusting Ourselves: Hard To Do, But 100% Necessary to Fulfill Our Destiny

Trusting ourselves: It is often very, very hard to do. We often have an initial thought, action, or inclination and then dumb it down it with the opinions and thoughts of another. The more we experience in life (at least in my experience) the more we realize our original instinct, or that action we initially started engaging in, the wheels we put in motion instantly, etc. were sacrificed by the inclusion of someone else’s idea of how we should do it.

I am going to give a very basic example that happened to me yesterday of this phenomena:

I went to MOM’s Organic market with my partner. I picked up a new bronzer there. When I got home, I realized it wasn’t in any of the bags. I decided to go back to the market to get it because it would be stupid to waste $30. I trusted that when I arrived it would be at the bagging counter we checked out at, or, if it was lost in translation, they would provide me with a new one since I can show it was on the receipt. It’s a cool company and they weren’t just going to make me leave without giving it to me.

I let Dave (my partner) know I was heading back and he said, “Maybe call first and make sure they will give it to you. Cuz if not you will have to pay for parking too.” For 1/100th of a second I considered calling and making sure it would be worth the trip. I saw myself about to do this, and then re-directed myself to the original plan. It was going to work out just fine with my original plan. I didn’t need to call.

I saw myself in real-time momentarily backpedaling on my initial plan by considering to infuse it with someone else’s projection of what I ‘should’ do. When I caught this happening, I felt myself redirect the energy back to the original plan because that is what was going to work.

Although only a minor example about bronzer, it was major for me because it was one of the first times I was completely present to my plan and energy and then how it was infiltrated by someone else’s opinion and energy and almost sacrificed…only for me to consciously pull-it back to center and follow through on what was meant to happen for the situation.

There have been times in my life where the opinions and words of others have put me off-track, but not just almost during a little trip back to the market for some bronzer. My life has been redirected time and time again by people influencing me about career choices, sports, school, and more; only then I wasn’t conscious to the re-directing of attention and energy infiltration happening.

This example with the bronzer + market + my partner was a perfect example of how I can start taking back my power every time I am externally influenced by someone else and go against following my internal guidance. This seemingly minor situation made me so much more aware of how I constantly let others’ opinions and projections potentially knock me off the tracks that were already working for me.

Where in your life can you start playing with and noticing this energy?  It happens to us every day, all of the time on social media, with friends, with family. It doesn’t always have to be in conversation with another. It can be influenced by someones Instagram post about a certain workout or vacation, where we then choose to abandon our own path and adopt someone else’s.  Not only does it pull you off course but it plants seeds of doubt in your mind.  Why weigh someone else’s opinion and ways of doing things more heavily than your own? You know much more than you think you know. And only you know your way forward.

Become Hyper-Aware of your Plans, Decisions, and Energy

The best way to become present to this phenomenon is by becoming hyper- aware of your plans, decisions, and directed energy. Then, when you ask someone for their opinion or tell them about what you are planning to do, listen to their $2cents and witness how your energy and being change to possibly adopt their train of thought or energy. Notice how it feels in your body; it may start confusing you or making you feel cloudy. Then, consciously pull yourself back to center by trusting that your original plan was your plan and re-align with it. Thank the person (IRL or energetically) for their input and then continue on your way.

I have fallen victim to being heavily influenced along the way in my life, and I feel the effects maybe months or even years later. This happens when I do not consciously choose what is best for me, but allow outside opinions and energy to drown-out my inner knowing. It causes a lot of turmoil and re-centering back to one’s own personal path.

Can you identify any times in your life when others opinions pulled you off-kilter? When you took someone’s words or opinions to heart and completely changed course or went back on a decision?

I know someone whose career was redirected due to one comment by a family member telling said human that, ‘You can’t make money in the exercise science industry’. This person took that comment to heart and changed his major to entrepreneurship.

Not all of these redirects are necessarily bad, and the path of our lives should not be regretted because we learn so much. But this phenomena does cause significant harm when we do not follow out inner guidance; inner guidance that ultimately leads us to our destiny, because there will be many more re-directs along the way. Such redirects can cause confusion and pain.

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you know. You especially know better than other people’s opinions.


Are you familiar to this phenomenon? Drop a comment below and let me know about a time where you have experienced the same sort of thing.